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Altitude Control System


EZ-3 Altitude Control w/VS & Altitude Preselect
EZ-3 System Price - $1,995
Servo Installation Kit - $45
    With Automatic Trim feature - see below

Features (click for more details)

Altitude Hold

  • Solid State MEMS Gyro - Fast Response, Outstanding Reliability
  • Accurate Pressure Sensor for Precise Altitude Control
  • Triple Redundant Safety Features
  • "G" Force Monitor Prevents Overstressing the Aircraft
  • Fine Altitude Control Using Rotary Encoder
  • Pilot Command Steering
  • Unique LCD Switch with Graphic Display
  • Trim Sensing - Trim Advisory Message
  • Flexible Mounting Configurations to Suit Your Panel
  • Gold Standard Servo (Click for details)

Climb and Descent

  • Vertical Speed Select - Set Climb or Descent Rate

  • Min and Max Airspeed Limits - System Measures Airspeed and Prevents Autopilot from Stalling or Over-speeding the Aircraft.  Pilots Set Appropriate Limit Settings for Their Aircraft

  • Vertical PCS (Pilot Command Steering) - Pilot May Choose "Climb-Descend on Vertical Rate" or "Climb-Descend on Airspeed"

Altitude PreSelect - Set Target Altitude

  • Fully Adjustable Climb/Descent Rates - Pilots may also use PCS (Pilot Command Steering) to Transition to "Climb-Descent on Airspeed" at any time.
  • Smooth Intercept of Target Altitudes
The System

The EZ family of altitude hold systems is designed to provide superior performance at an affordable price, with safety features unavailable in competitive systems costing much more.  The system consists of 4 main elements - LCD switch module, rotary encoder, electronics module and servo.

The system may be used to control climbs and descents.  To set a climb or descent rate, the pilot simply presses the encoder knob to enter the "VS" (Vertical Speed) mode and rotates the encoder to select the appropriate value, in 100 fpm increments. 

An internal airspeed sensor (connected to the pitot system) monitors preset airspeed limits (set by the pilot) to prevent the system from stalling or over-speeding the aircraft.  Example:  If the pilot enters a very high climb rate, as the airplane reaches the minimum airspeed the autopilot will continue the climb at that airspeed, rather than the commanded vertical rate.

The EZ-3 provides the pilot the ability to pre-select a destination altitude.  Once engaged, the system will initiate a climb/descent to the target altitude at a vertical speed that the pilot has previously specified.  The vertical rates may be adjusted at any time during the climb/descent.

The internal altimeter is easily adjusted to compensate for changes in barometric pressure, using the primary aircraft altimeter as a reference.

Automatic Trim Adjust System
This option provides automatic adjustment of your aircraft elevator electric trim.
It is included in the Pitch Servo at no charge.
(Aircraft trim motor not included)


Several bezels are available to facilitate mounting the switches in your panel
Get bezel dimensional drawings here (PDF)

Note:  These products are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.  They are not approved for use in certified aircraft.