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Trio Avionics is cooperating with an independent group that has obtained a STC for an installation kit to install a Pro Pilot autopilot in certified aircraft.  The initial approval is for Cessna 182, 172 and 175aircraft.  We expect that further approvals for the Cessna 177 and Piper PA-28 will be announced soon.  They are also working to obtain approval for other popular aircraft.  Trio has been awarded a PMA for the autopilot.

A recent press release can be seen here

If you are interested please communicate directly with Paul Odum, group representative.

Please note that, because of FAA certification regulations, the STC autopilot will be a different configuration than the experimental product.  It must be PMA approved by the FAA. 

Cost increases due to the certification process, installation kit STCs, insurance increases, etc. will necessarily increase the price of the certified product. 

Orders for the 172 and 182 kits and autopilot pre-order now available here

The experimental version of the autopilot is not approved to be installed in a certified aircraft.

email: paul.odum@thestcgroupllc.com
Phone: 1 805 304 5246

Note:  Paul Odum, CEO of The STC Group, LLC has indicated that they will be accepting orders on the 182 installation kits on May 1st.  Contact him at the address or phone number above.

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